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 Mailing address: Panayiota Poirazi (poirazi[at]dendrites.gr)

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  1. interactive SSCprofiler
  2. interactive Targetprofiler
  3. interactive MatureBayes
  4. interactive Duplexsvm
  5. interactive LAB's Web Site

Brief Description:

Tool Name Description Running

SSCprofiler predicts novel microRNA genes using human genomic coordinates (version - hg17)

Targetprofiler Search for a specific gene targeted by a specific miRNA by providing both gene and miRNA ID OK
MatureBayes A tool for finding mature miRNA within a miRNA precursor sequence using a Naive Bays classifier OK
Duplexsvm This tool predicts the most probable miRNA duplex on a given miRNA hairpin OK
LAB's Web Site Link to main LAB Website OK