Poirazi Lab Tools

 Mailing address: Panayiota Poirazi (poirazi[at]dendrites.gr)

Follow each link to use/download the relevant Tool:

  1. interactive SSCprofiler (online tool)
  2. interactive Targetprofiler (online tool)
  3. interactive MatureBayes (online tool)
  4. interactive DuplexSVM (online tool)
  5. interactive CER classifier (download code)
  6. interactive Expression Profiling Suite 2.1 (download code)
  7. interactive ANN models for growth rate prediction (download code)
  8. interactive Poirazi Lab webpage

Brief Description:

Tool Name Description Running

SSCprofiler predicts novel microRNA genes using human genomic coordinates (version - hg17)

Targetprofiler Search for a specific gene targeted by a specific miRNA by providing both gene and miRNA ID OK
MatureBayes A tool for finding mature miRNA within a miRNA precursor sequence using a Naive Bays classifier OK
DuplexSVM This tool predicts the most probable miRNA duplex on a given miRNA hairpin OK
CER classifier Code for the feature selection and classification method download
EPS 2.1 Compilation of Methods for Microarray Data Analysis download
ANNs ANN models for Growth Rate Prediction of Streptococcus macedonicus ACA-DC 198 download
Lab's webpage Link to the main Poirazi lab webpage OK